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My goal is to build a winning case. Serious DUI penalties require a serious DUI defense.

The trials and tribulations, as well as penalties, if convicted of DUI require a serious defense. That's why we examine every fact in our effort to build a winning case. Nationally we're a highly respected DUI defense firm because of our experience and dedication to be successful in every possible case. Our team of lawyers have a multitude of successful defenses that may help you, such as test altering effect of roadside wind, unreliable & misleading breath machines, disorienting effect of police car lights, medications mimicking intoxication and useless breath tests. Remember, your arrest doesn't mean you will be convicted. If you're arrested, you need not plead guilty.

More about our DUI defenses

I work to examine every factor in every case that could work in your favor. Any of the following can severely impact the results of tests conducted during a typical DUI arrest. For instance:

  • Breath-testing machines often give false readings.
  • Police car lights can create nausea and disorientation.
  • Medications can cause side effects that resemble intoxication.
  • The pitch of the road can impair your balance while doing balance tests.

Just consider the trials and tribulations, as well as the penalties, if you're convicted of DUI in Colorado:

A permanent criminal record, loss of license, community service, increased insurance rates, possible jail time, vehicle immobilization, fines and possible job loss.

Though no one should drive drunk, everyone's entitled to the best defense possible. If you suffer from the disease of alcohol addiction, we'll insist, as a condition of employment, that you obtain professional help.

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