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Sex Crimes

Allegations of sex crimes can be devastating to a person’s reputation and future. These charges are pursued very aggressively by prosecutors for many reasons, including the heightened attention by the news media in recent years. Witness credibility is often a major issue in sex crime cases. The background of the complaining witness must be diligently investigated and vetted. Motive must be carefully explored. There can be many reasons why false allegations of sex abuse are made including financial motive or to gain leverage in a custody dispute between parents of a child. Mark Kraynak will thoroughly investigate and aggressively defend against sexual charges.  He knows every technical legal defense, and how to effect the best possible outcome in all sex crime cases. Computer forensic experts must often be consulted. Mark Kraynak will work diligently to gather evidence and present a balanced portrait of the facts and the client during trial and in the media.

Mark Kraynak represents clients charged with all sex crimes including:

  • Rape / "Date Rape"
  • Internet Pornography / Internet Solicitation of a Minor
  • Child Molestation / Child Pornography
  • Sex Offender registration / Megan’s Law registration
  • Sexual Abuse / Assault
  • Prostitution / Solicitation.
International law. Mark Kraynak will represent U.S. citizens and foreign nationals facing charges in state and Federal court as well as extradition hearings worldwide, including Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

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